Sober Living in FLorida

Transitional Housing

Welcome to Unity Sober Life Center, South Florida’s most trusted transitional living sober house. The transition from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program to building a life based upon a sober structure is both challenging and rewarding. A unique opportunity for those who have just left a recovery program or for those who are seeking a structured, supportive recovery environment, Unity Sober Life Center has developed a proven system for individuals in pursuit of sober living.

Starting Point Facility

Located in beautiful, sunny North Palm Beach, FL, our clients are given the tools to build a foundation of long term recovery. At Unity Sober Life Center, we believe that laying a solid groundwork for sober living allows for individuals to comfortably evolve as they learn to live with sober practices each and every day. Providing outpatient treatment under the Unity Recovery Group umbrella, Unity Sober Life Center is able to call upon the most advanced and skilled recovery resources, cutting-edge amenities for a safe environment, and a comfortable structure which paves the way for a sober lifestyle.

Unity Sober Life Center Residences

The ability to re-engage in healthy lifestyles while going to work, volunteering, or attending school is imperative to the process of long term recovery. While ingraining themselves in a sober living environment during the earliest stages of sobriety, our clients are able to establish daily habits of sober living in a structured and affordable community environment.

Those living in our sober center are within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, public transportation, and employment opportunities. Carefully located in a community that breeds support, structure, and personal attention, residents feel at home as they are professionally guided through our outpatient treatment.

Unity Sober Life Center provides a wide range of safe, developmental methods for empowering our residents to make healthy, sober choices today and tomorrow. Some of the most essential elements of Unity Sober Life Center include but are not limited to:

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) targets individuals during the most sensitive and critical time period of their recovery. Being able to establish continuing education, vocational training, or work opportunity to pair these tools with lifestyle management immediately following a treatment program is essential to long term recovery.

A Nurturing Environment at Unity Sober Life Center

At Unity Sober Life Center, we treat each and every resident as our family. With a goal-oriented and lifestyle management focus, the residents in our outpatient treatment program are able to quickly adjust to life after drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation. We understand that this process is not easy. Our recovery staff is patient, caring, and understanding as we guide our residents toward a new tide, a new life, and a newfound joy in sober living.

Consistency and accountability are not only things that we demand in our residents, but they are principles by which the staff and the treatment program live by. Unity Sober Life Center is only as successful as our residents and we strive to lay a foundation for success through personal attention, a structured environment, and building relationships through recovery support. “Learning to live again” becomes achievable when a resident is able to dedicate themselves to sober living and we provide the tools that promote and encourage this dedication.

A life free from dependency does not come without a fight. Join us at Unity Sober Life Center as we all work together in pursuit of regaining a life through sober living.